Monday, October 15, 2012

Are Our Elections and Threats of Sequestration Hurting Our Defense Industry

It has always been noted that the US government needs to do all it can to keep our defense industry strong, therefore we can ramp up production very quickly in case of a war. Of course, if the defense contractors and defense industry becomes fat, dumb, and happy due to the free flow of money, then all we will have done is made them weak, and given them too much political clout and power. We know this happens because we know how the lobbyist system works in Washington DC, and we realize the system is broken, and it hardly matters if it is the defense industry, education industry, computer industry, academia, or healthcare sector.
Okay so, nothing new, no new information, and we already know all this correct? Sure, but we still need to help our defense industry and keep it running because we could need it in the future. Anyone who doubts this doesn't study their history, or isn't watching what China is doing right now as they are spending more and more money on their national defense. China has no challengers, why would they do that? Because we could be a potential challenger as they push their political will against their neighbors as they have recently with disputes over territorial waters.
There was a reality based article on Military and Aerospace News on October 31, 2012 titled; "Military business slows to a trickle; now a matter of how hard things will get," by the Editor John Keller. Now then if you do not know of this publication I suggest you get acquainted, because he and his publication have been bull's eye spot on from my experience. In his most recent piece he noted;
"We've been hearing for a long time about hard times coming for the military and aerospace business. In fact, I've been hearing about a defense downturn since long before President Obama even took office. Still, the beginning of federal fiscal year 2013, which was the first of this month, has left me with little doubt that the hard times no longer are coming - they are here!"
When President Obama was a member of the Illinois legislature, he was interviewed and he said he wanted to gut the military. You can see the YouTube video by searching that site. It's hard to say if he still believes that or not, he's obviously a lot more grown-up today. But that sits in the back of my mind and it makes me worry about the future of our country, and our need to remain strong to maintain peace in the world. We are sending a terrible message to our allies, and visions of opportunity to our enemies over this sequestration talk, and the severe budget cuts in the future when it comes to our military.
It's not that we do not wish to have our defense contractors running in an absolute Six Sigma strategy, we do. We also want our military to run as efficiently as possible, and therefore free-flowing money isn't a good idea either, that just makes us weak. Still, by putting everything on hold, and putting the pause button on the industry and our military we are making it very difficult to do long-term planning.
That's something else the Chinese are very good at. I feel we are making a mistake, and if I were running this country that's not something I would do. Peace through strength, always and forever. Please consider all this and think on it.

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